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 Price list for Caroline's Hair nails & beauty 

Here is a price list of all the treatments I provide below thanks for taking the time to read.
Price list


Infrared Sauna  you can lose between
600 to 900 cal in one session £6.50 30mins

Inch Loss & Muscle Tone Machine
fardic machine lose inches after one session  £30.00 for 30 mins per area.


A faradic treatment or electro-muscle stimulation (EMS) as it is also known, is an electrical treatment that can be applied to either the face or the body and is used to stimulate and exercise muscles in order to create a tightening, toning effect. This exercise is known as passive exercise or isometric exercise because there is no joint movement involved.


Benefits to this treatment are: stretches, firms, tone, muscles
inch loss, helps with flexibility and circulation, mobility.


Body Wrap with firming gel £34.50
help to improve the appearance of cellulite lose  inch after one session, 
drop a dress size after a course.



​Ultrasonic Fat System


Brand New Ultrasonic fat system ! After puberty fat cells (adipocytes) remain constant in number and change their size and volume according to the fat (lipid) content the body stores. This fat often assumes abnormal proportions in well defined areas such as, thighs, hips, stomach and arms.

Ultrasonic liposuction uses ultrasound waves delivered in pulses to break down this excess fat. Unlike surgical liposuction there are no incisions. The ultrasound energy is delivered through the skin's surface is a painless treatment and you are able to continue your normal activities immediately after treatment.


30 minutes for £69 



Indain Head  Massage from £20

this treatment last beteen 15 to 35 mins


Neck and shoulder massage £25 and this treatmeant lasts for 30 mins


Spray Tan £20.00

Price list 

Min Deep Cleansing Facial  £20.00

(mini facial is a treatment which last for 30 mins it consist of cleanse, tone & moisturise with a choice of a mask or facial massage )

 luxury Deep Cleansing Facial £45.00

(the deep cleansing facial includes all the treatments you would get with the mini facial plus ex-foliation a face steam & the mask is skin sensitive this treatment last for one hour)


Non Surgical face life£30.00 for  30mins or £50.00 for 60mins per treatment or a course of 10 30 mins for £125 or 60 mins £250.00 include a facial

Regain those youthful looks with the  ultimate non-surgical facelift anti wrinkle system. Collagen enhancement, elastin stimulation, reduces lines, lifts and firms slack skin.)




Microdermabrasion Facial £55 for 60 mins or a course of 6 60 mins

for £200.




Deluxe Facial £60

bespoke treatment designed for your speaific skin type and condition

you will recieve 

Deep Cleanse


Thermotherapy hot

Non Surgical Face Lift

ultrasound Radio Frequency 

cryotherapy cold.


Make Overs


Make up £30

Bride Make Over £80 include Trial


Bridal Packages


Package 1

Bride make up plus trial,

shellac nails & toes £90


Package 2

Bride make up plus trial,nail extension,

pedcure, nail art. £120


Package 3

Bride make up plus trial eyebrow wax,

under arm wax, bikini line wax, half leg wax,

shellac nails & toes £135


Package 4

Bride make up plus trial eyebrow wax,

under arm wax, bikini line wax, half leg wax, shellac toes, nail extensions £150


Package 5

Bride make up plus trial,

plus 4 people & shellac nails £200

Any additional make over & shellac nails with package 5 is £35. 





















Nail Extensions  from £20.00 

Nail Extension french manicure look £25.00


Shellac Nail £20.00(gel polish lasts 3 weeks)

Shellac Mani £25

Shellac Pedi  £25


Manicure from £11.00 (30 mins)

Pedicure from  £15.00 (30 mins)
Paraffin wax treatment from £13.00(30 mins)
Nail Art £0.50p per 

Eye Lash Extensions  £15.00



Eyebrow Wax £5.00

Lip wax £4.00

Chin Wax£4.00
Half Leg  Wax from £12.50
Full Leg  Wax from £16.50
Bikini Wax from £8.50
Under Arm Wax £8.50
Full Arm Wax £13.50
Stomach Wax £7.00
back wax from £9.00
Full Body Wax £55.00


Men Waxing

Half Back Waxing £17

Full Back Waxing £25

Full Chest Waxing £30

Eyebrow tint £6.00

Eyelash tint £6.00



European & Afro-Caribbean

HairDressing service


Hair Extensions weave from £45 to £85

(not including hair)


Dry Cut £10

Wet Cut £13

Wash Cut & Blow Dry £28

Wash Cut & Blow Dry &

Conditioning Treatment £40


Root Tint Touch up £30

Root Tint Touch up & Blow Dry £40

Full Head Colour Cut & Blow Dry £75

1/2 Head High Lights &

Cut & Blow Dry £70


GHD Curls £20


Toners £15


Gents Cuts £12

Gents Colour & Cut £40.



Hair laser removal (IPL)

Big areas              
Full bikini             
Full back
Full arm
Full leg
All large areas take up to 40 minutes
8 sessions of each individual area is £360

Medium areas
Bikini line
Under Arms
half leg
All Medium areas take upto 30 mins
8 sessions of each individual medium area are £280

Small areas
upper lip
all small areas take upto 30 mins
8 sessions of each small individual area is £180




Hair Extension

Hair Extension weave, for European hair from £45.00-£60.00  on average - excluding any discount promotions we are running, hair not included.If you would like to consider having real hair extensions for length & thickness, 
the cost really depends upon the finished length and the quantity ,plain  or mix colour of extensions necessary.The average lengthening  process usually requires; between 14 inch 20 inches all this will be discuss at consultation.

​We have also provide an hair dressing service both European and Caribbean but as they rent the space its best to contact me via email or phone to get a quote for there prices. 


Tea, Coffee and cold drinks can be provided if you would like some there are also addition retail items available for purchase.  
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